Why user properties are important in Microsoft Entra ID

In a world where technology and work processes are becoming more intertwined, companies face the challenge of updating and streamlining their IT solutions while ensuring security and smooth collaboration. A crucial aspect of this challenge is the proper management of user identities through platforms like Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory). With the increasing reliance on cloud solutions, understanding who the users are becomes paramount. Therefore, leveraging the user properties in user profiles is invaluable. This blog post aims to shed light on the importance of these fields and the advantages your organization can gain from focusing on them.

What are user properties in Microsoft Entra ID? 

Microsoft Entra ID supports various user properties, such as department, job titles, office location, among others. While seemingly minor, effectively utilizing these fields is crucial for digitizing processes and enhancing identity and access management (IAM). 

Benefits of utilizing the user properties

Automated on- and off-boarding processes 

Integrating Microsoft Entra ID with HR systems can automate the onboarding and offboarding of employees. This integration not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in the user accounts created and managed within Microsoft Entra. 

Effective access management 

By setting up access rules based on user properties, organizations can streamline access to applications, cloud services, and data, making the process more secure and efficient. 

Ready-made organization charts 

Maintaining user properties in Microsoft Entra ID allows for the automatic generation of organizational charts. This not only helps new employees understand the company structure but also aids in identifying key personnel for projects and decision-making. 

Support for flexible work arrangements 

As remote work becomes more common, accurately maintained user properties help in managing and supporting the needs of employees working from different locations, ensuring they have access to the necessary resources. 

Aligning with national security standards 

Support for the National Security Authority’s fundamental principles The National Security Authority highlights the importance of robust ICT security through its defined fundamental principles, designed to strengthen both the security level and competence within companies. Among these, two principles play a key role in the context of effective use of user properties in Microsoft Entra ID: 

  • Map users and access needs – who are all your users? 
  • Have control over identities and access – what rights do your users have? 

By adapting these fundamental principles in the use of Microsoft Entra ID, organizations not only ensure compliance with national security standards but also a stronger, more proactive security posture. The user properties thus become essential tools in preventive security work, providing good insight in case security incidents occur. 


Investing in the setup and maintenance of user properties in Microsoft Entra ID is not just about following best IT practices; it’s a strategic move that brings about time savings, enhanced security, and organizational efficiency. By making the most of these fields, companies can not only address current challenges but also prepare for future ones.  

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll explore the potential for effective cost allocation enabled by high-quality data in these user properties. 

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