Halden Municipality Works Smarter with Bsure 

Halden Municipality has always focused on efficient IT operations and cost control. With a complex IT infrastructure and many users, it is a constant challenge to keep track of all user identities and associated license costs.

IT Manager May Britt Jonassen and IT Advisor Jon Harald Carlsen share how they found a solution to these challenges by using Bsure Insights.

IT Advisor Jon Harald Carlsen and IT Manager May Britt Jonassen, Halden Municipality

The Challenge

After previously outsourcing IT operations to various service providers over the years, Halden Municipality brought the operation of its solutions in-house. Since 2020, they have managed most of their IT operations internally. After this, a significant amount of time was spent cleaning up old history to gain control over their own environment.

However, maintaining this control is an ongoing task, and Jon Harald Carlsen explains that it is time-consuming to write scripts and manually retrieve the desired information from Active Directory and Entra ID.

The Solution

Halden Municipality was contacted by Bsure and introduced to Bsure Insights. Jon Harald was particularly interested in the solution. After a thorough demonstration of the tool, they were convinced of its potential to solve many of the tasks previously performed through time-consuming manual scripting.

Bsure Insights was installed, and it quickly proved to be a valuable tool for the municipality. The solution immediately provided better oversight of user identities and licenses, reducing the need for manual processes. The setup was smooth, and they received excellent support from the Bsure team.

“The support we have received from the Bsure team has been exceptional. They have been available for questions and support, making the entire implementation process very smooth,” says Jon Harald Carlsen, IT Advisor at Halden Municipality.

The Result

With Bsure Insights, Halden Municipality has achieved significant improvements. The tool has given them better control over IT costs and more insight into the user base. They have been able to clean up historical data, remove unnecessary user accounts, and optimize license usage.

May Britt and Jon Harald have noticed a clear improvement in workflow. Previously time-consuming tasks that required manual scripting and data review are now automated and can be performed with a few clicks. This has freed up time for the IT team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Cost Savings

Halden Municipality has achieved concrete financial savings through the use of Bsure Insights. By gaining better control over licenses, they have been able to reduce unnecessary expenses. The tool has also helped optimize resource use and streamline IT operations, resulting in further savings.

“Bsure Insights has given us the necessary insights to gain full control over our user management and license costs. It has saved us countless hours of manual work and made our IT processes much more efficient. The investment in Bsure’s product pays for itself,” says May Britt Jonassen, IT Manager at Halden Municipality.

Going Forward

Halden Municipality looks positively towards the future with Bsure Insights. They plan to leverage more of the tool’s features to further improve IT operations. Additionally, they want to continue collaborating with Bsure to tailor the solution even better to their needs.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Bsure. They are responsive to our needs and willing to adapt the solution to our desires. We believe that Bsure Insights will be an important operational tool going forward,” concludes May Britt.

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