Haugesund Municipality has full control over its Microsoft users 


With Bsure, IT Manager Eirik Østensjø of Haugesund Municipality saved time and money, while also gaining better oversight. 

Before implementing Bsure, getting an overview of licenses and costs involved a lot of manual processes. 

Two departments — building permits, and water and sewage — were responsible for covering their own expenses. This meant reimbursing the municipality for licenses used. 

After entering its own prices for license packages into Bsure, Haugesund determined exactly what the departments should pay within seconds. 

“Getting an overview of licenses and ensuring accurate billing for the two departments became faster and much more precise than before,” says Eirik.

Saving Money and Ensuring Compliance 

“One of the main objectives of implementing Bsure was to save money by being able to get an overview of inactive and overlapping licenses. Also, we wanted to ensure that we are compliant with licenses, that we are not overpaying or underpaying,” explains Eirik. 

In Bsure, you can easily drill down licenses by department and by individual. 

“Some individuals increase costs by having excessively expensive licenses. With Bsure, this becomes visible. We can check if there is a need for these licenses,” says Eirik. 

After making updates to licenses and users, they can perform a new query to immediately see how the changes “play out.” 

“This is very useful. It allows us to make adjustments and immediately run a query to see, ‘Are we compliant now?'” says Eirik. 

Insight and Discussions 

With Bsure, Haugesund Municipality has gained new insights that led to several important internal discussions. 

“Much of what we have uncovered through Bsure is not due to errors or mistakes. It’s simply a matter of ‘policies’ and how they interact, which we have now gained new insights into,” says Eirik. 

IT security is already a high priority in Haugesund. With Bsure, they also gained new insights into detecting potential security vulnerabilities. 

Surprisingly Easy to Get Started 

Getting started with the solution was surprisingly easy, according to Eirik. 

“Since it’s an app in Azure, you pay through the agreement you already have. Once we activated the app, we could start using it. We didn’t have to go through any agreement or procurement process. We said, ‘Let’s give this a try,’ and activated the app,” Eirik explains. 

Future Changes and Recommendations 

Eirik urges other municipalities to consider Bsure as a solution. He emphasizes that Bsure provides a clear snapshot of license costs and valuable insights into security aspects. By having the numbers “black on white,” you can make informed decisions and optimize IT resources. 

“We municipalities should be honest, accountable, and transparent. People should be able to request insight from us and get answers to their questions. Various data should withstand scrutiny. Thus, having full visibility is crucial. Bsure provides a clear snapshot in terms of users, licenses, and costs; it saves us both time and money, and it offers new insights,” says Eirik. 

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