Sandefjord Municipality Improved Its License and Identity Management

For Sandefjord Municipality, with over 60,000 residents and a wide range of services, reliable and efficient management of both identities and licenses is crucial. To improve these processes, Sandefjord Municipality chose to collaborate with Bsure.

We spoke with Tom-Ivar Lyngseth, senior consultant at Sandefjord Municipality, who shared his experiences using Bsure Insights.

Tom-Ivar Lyngseth, senior consultant in Sandefjord municipality, shares his experiences with using Bsure Insights.

Challenges Before Bsure Insights

Before using Bsure Insights, the municipality faced several challenges related to managing inactive users and duplicate licenses.

“We knew we had many inactive users, but it was difficult to locate them,” explains Lyngseth.

He points out that they knew they had users who perhaps should not be in the system, and without a clear overview, it was challenging to clean up.

First Impressions

Kenneth Blix Arna, IT manager at Sandefjord Municipality, first came into contact with Bsure, and after a presentation and demonstration, they quickly became interested in the product’s possibilities.

“We were quite impressed with the product. It gave us a completely different insight and overview,” says Lyngseth.

With Bsure Insights, the municipality received a clear visual representation of all users and licenses, making it much easier to identify and clean up inactive users and misregistered licenses.

Removed 1,000 Licenses

Implementing Bsure Insights immediately had concrete effects for Sandefjord Municipality.

“We have gotten rid of around a thousand licenses,” reports Lyngseth.

These were users who had either become inactive, were double licensed, or were users who in reality should never have been created and assigned a license.

Improving Processes and Data Quality

With Bsure Insights, Sandefjord Municipality gained a clear and detailed overview of all users and licenses. This made it possible to improve internal processes.

“The product gives us a completely different overview than we could achieve on our own with simple means,” explains Lyngseth.

Like many other municipalities and larger organizations, Sandefjord Municipality has a process where users are created in an HR system. The HR system is then connected to an IAM tool (Identity and Access Management) that automatically creates users and assigns licenses based on a set of rules.

The insights from Bsure led to a revision of the municipality’s IAM rules. They saw that users belonging to several job codes did not actually use or need the licenses they had been assigned. An example is politicians. Previously, all politicians were assigned a user and a license. However, a large proportion of politicians did not use the email address and license they had received from the municipality.

After adjusting the rules and rather testing the need for several user groups, they now avoid assigning licenses to users who are not active.

“The overview we get with Bsure Insights is golden,” says Lyngseth.

Additionally, the municipality discovered that some early created users lacked proper filling of several user properties. Properties such as department, company, etc., are often used to create dynamic groups to automate access.

The insights gained with Bsure Insights made it easy to identify these deficiencies so they could be corrected.

Everyday Use

Bsure Insights is now an integrated part of daily operations in Sandefjord Municipality. Several employees have access to the tool and actively use it to ensure that no duplicate registrations or unnecessary licenses are overlooked.

“I check the system several times a week to keep track,” says Lyngseth.


For Sandefjord Municipality, Bsure Insights has been a valuable investment. It has provided them with simple and clear insights that they can use to manage both identities and licenses. This has led to significant cost savings and a more streamlined workflow.

As Tom-Ivar Lyngseth concludes: “The overview we get with Bsure Insights is invaluable, and it has made our job much easier.”

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