University of Copenhagen is using Bsure to keep track of users and licenses 


Dealing with approximately 50,000 Microsoft licenses and a diverse workforce, you need a tool to gain an overview. 

  • We use Bsure to control users and ensure that we are not paying for anything unnecessary, says Søren Skovgaard Jensen, System Manager at the University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen University is one of the largest research and educational institutions in the Nordic region, with about 37,000 students and a large group of employees corresponding to 10,000 full-time positions. 
  • We also have a complex workforce. We have several part-time workers, some who work at multiple universities, some who work for us for a limited time, guest lecturers, affiliated researchers, and students with study jobs, explains Søren. 

The need for an overview of licenses and costs is what led Søren to Bsure. 

  • We have previously tried to extract data from Entra ID and compile it in spreadsheets. The challenge with this is that it takes time, and by the time you’re finished, the data is already outdated, Søren says. 

But Bsure gave them real-time visibility of the numbers. 

  • Bsure is the best solution we have had, says Søren. 

New discoveries 

Since using Bsure, Søren has made several discoveries. 

  • For example, there are some who receive licenses but never use them. This is something we need to investigate further. We also see that not everyone gets the correct license, Søren says. 

Why is it important to get the right license? 

  • We have many student licenses. These are free but do not have the same level of access and security as an employee license. We have some students who are both, they both study and work as, for example, teaching assistants, administrative assistants, or research assistants. The rule here is that if they work with personal data, they should have an employee license, Søren explains. 

With Bsure, he can ensure that the right people have the right license type. 

Another area he wants to look into is the reallocation of licenses, as they also have users who work there for a few years, work abroad for some time, and then come back. 

During the installation process, Søren had a good talk with Hallvard in Bsure. 

  • He has been very good at understanding what my working conditions are, says Søren. 

A useful tool in communication 

One advantage Søren sees with Bsure is that it also facilitates communication. By seeing real-time figures “in black and white,” it is easier to report challenges to management. 

  • It becomes very clear where the problems are, and there is full documentation in Bsure. It makes it easier to communicate the problems to management, says Søren. 

The primary purpose of using Bsure is to save money. When explaining the tool to colleagues, Søren does not talk about reducing costs, but reducing waste. 

  • I refer to what we do in Bsure as a ‘waste reduction exercise’ and not a ‘cost-saving exercise.’ And I think that’s a message that is easy to communicate. Everyone thinks it makes sense not to ‘waste money,’ says Søren. 

By clicking through Bsure, Søren can see which departments have the most unnecessary licenses. And sometimes he needs to talk with someone about, for example, remembering to delete guest users. 

  • It makes my communication about challenges easier that I can use Bsure. And I can tell them that they need to help reduce waste, says Søren. 

Why is it so important? 

  • It is important for all companies and organizations to reduce waste. But when you work in the public sector and manage society’s money, as well as the money of some sponsors, you have an extra responsibility to use them wisely, says Søren. 

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