About Us

Bsure AS is a Norwegian start-up company founded in 2022. We have close to 100 years’ experience combined, working with customers using Microsoft 365 products in the Nordics.

Our “Why”

As companies migrate to the cloud, IT integration becomes an important part of organizations. Users essentially control access to valuable data, and many organizations struggle with user management, leading to a common issue: overspending on licenses, often exceeding 20% and having users posing a security threat.

Licenses are often assigned to disabled or inactive users. Resource accounts (like mailboxes and meeting rooms) are given more expensive licenses than needed. Some organizations also have unused licenses in stock that they are not aware of, and some users are assigned licenses with overlapping functionalities. The lack of control in this area makes organizations overspend around 20% on their licenses.

Lack of user control equals lack of security. How many users can access your environment? How many admin accounts or groups do you have? How many users or admin accounts are missing multi-factor authentication? We give you the tools to answer these questions and many more to ensure a more secure environment in your organization.
This is information not provided to organizations today, and a gap in the market we want to take part in filling by creating an app that collects the relevant user and license information and presents the results over time in an easy-to-use report for the organizations to act on.

Many organizations these days are very concerned about privacy, and often reluctant to export their user data to third parties. Therefore, we decided to create an Azure Managed application (Data Collector) that stores the data it collects in a storage account under the customer’s own control. And the companion Power Bi app and its dataset, used for insights and analysis of the collected data, will also exist in the customer’s own environment.

This is just the beginning!


Henrik Skalmerud

+47 92656457

10+ years in finance and as a controller. Interest in bringing finance into the organization’s daily routines.


Hallvard Eide

+47 93483749

30 years’ experience in IT and sales, with a key focus on customer value using available technology.


Gunnar Weld

Cloud Architect
+47 90401383

Bringing finance and tech together through long experience within IT with a commercial mindset.

Olav Helland

Olav Helland

Cloud Architect
+47 93483770

20+ years experience as technician in IT. Broad competence in both Microsoft 365 and Azure. Expert on licensing.

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