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Unassigned licenses are licenses you are paying for, but aren’t allocating to any user. When renegotiating your license agreement with Microsoft, these should be considered removed.

Overlapping licenses occur when an individual holds two or more licenses with redundant features. This commonly results from Microsoft bundling licenses, leading companies to unintentionally purchase licenses they already possess through bundles.

Inactive licenses are connected to users who have not been logged on for the past 90 days. This category often encompasses guest users, test accounts, former employees, or others who were once granted licenses but no longer actively require them.

Overlapping Licenses

Who do these licenses belong to?

Within the dashboard, you can easily drill down through various perspectives.

Consider this scenario: If you notice a substantial number of inactive licenses, you can simply click on them to perceive the corresponding departments or companies to which those licenses are associated. Furthermore, more detailed information about each license is readily available.

For instance, if you identify a particular department with numerous inactive licenses, it might be beneficial to engage with the department manager. By extracting an Excel file that compiles all inactive licenses, you can forward it to the manager. This empowers them to pinpoint users who can safely be removed.

Regular cleanup or fixing root causes?

In the given scenario above, you could also inquire with the department manager regarding the underlying reasons for the surge in inactive accounts. You might then request their assistance in rectifying the fundamental issues.

Possibly, there is an absence of processes for removing test users or guest accounts. Alternatively, offboarding procedures might not be functioning optimally, resulting in former employees retaining access.

By tackling these root causes, the need for future “clean up” efforts will be significantly reduced.


Saving money and increasing security

By using Bsure and following the example provided earlier, you’re not just reducing costs for the company, but also making a substantial contribution to its IT security. Unmanaged accounts with access to data pose a major security risk for any organization. By ensuring that guest users, testers, and former employees are restricted from accessing company data, you actively enhance security.

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