Bsure enables cost savings on licenses and increases user security

Managing license spend and understanding who all your users are can be challenging, but it doesnt have to be –  With Bsure you get the overview needed within 30 minutes, without exposing your data to third parties

Get the insight you need to reduce your costs

  • View unassigned, disabled, overlapping, and inactive licenses through cost reports
  • Use filters to identify obsolete licenses with a few clicks
  • Optimize your licenses for reduced costs

Companies typically overspend by 20% on their license costs. Adjust the calculator to determine the savings required to make Bsure profitable.

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Improve security by understanding your users’ roles and permissions 

The majority of security breaches occur when a user has access to company software, and data becomes compromised. Knowing all identities is paramount for enhancing IT security, but hard to find for most companies

With Bsure,you get a full overview of:

  • Complete overview of all members and guests in your environment
  • Easily identify active, inactive, and disabled users
  • View users missing multi-factor authentication registration
  • Geographical overview of high-risk logins by application
  • View users and groups with admin roles with just a click
You can drill down and extract the data you need to close security gaps.

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Let’s collaborate to get full control

Get your data

The Bsure Insights Data Collector gathers your organization’s license and user data from your Microsoft Entra ID and stores the information in a storage account under your control.

Analyse your data

Our software analyzes your data and presents it in an easy-to-understand way, so that you can extract exactly the data you need.

Act on your data

Once you’ve gained insights from your data, you can get to work, optimize license consumption, and minimize the risk of security breaches.

Get Started – Simple, Easy and Secure

7-day free trial
All data under your control
Billed through your Azure subscription
0.5 USD per licensed user per month
Self-service installation in < 30 minutes
No startup fee, no cancellation fee

IT-Partner – With Bsure, you can give better service and increase your recurring revenues

We collaborate with several IT partners who leverage our solution to enhance client services, drive sales growth, and make an impression on potential customers. Moreover, you can sell Bsure as a service by offering customers a subscription that includes regular user cleanup, further adding value to your offerings.

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