Betonmast enhances efficiency and safety with insights from Bsure

Ove Hval, IT coordinator at Betonmast
Ove Hval, IT coordinator at Betonmast

Betonmast, known for its leading role in the construction and civil engineering industry, has always focused on technology and safety in its processes. At the Computerworld conference Publicworld, they found their next partner in Bsure. Ole Hval, IT coordinator at Betonmast, shares how Bsure has provided them with valuable insights and how they have further strengthened their approach to IT management and security, achieving increased efficiency. 

Insights into own data led to cleanup and process improvements 

The implementation of Bsure has shed light on several areas related to security and compliance, especially the management of guest users and accesses, initiating a proactive approach to address these challenges. “Bsure has made us aware of elements we knew we should look at, which have now become completely obvious and impossible to ignore due to the insights we’ve gained into our own data,” says Hval. This led to a comprehensive review and audit of accounts, which not only enhanced security but also promoted a culture of continuous process improvement and lasting change. 

User-friendliness and security focus 

Hval praises the support he has received from Bsure, highlighting at the same time Bsure’s intuitive user interface and efficient user experience, which was very easy to install. The user-friendliness, combined with the functionality and focus on security, has provided them with valuable insights into vulnerabilities they were unaware of. “Preventing data breaches is part of our job, and Bsure has proven to be a fine tool for finding potential vulnerabilities and removing them,” explains Hval. In an era where the threat of cyberattacks is more prominent than ever, Bsure’s application provides valuable information for identifying and eliminating potential security risks. An example is where Hval noticed that he had applications that had been granted more rights than he was aware of, which could then be a vulnerability. With the help of Bsure, he can edit the rights and close such a potential vulnerability. 

Concluding thoughts 

Betonmast’s experience with Bsure shows clear and practical improvements in their work. By using Bsure, Betonmast has not only solved some immediate challenges but has also started working in a smarter way that will last over time. Ole Hval shares his thoughts: “With Bsure, things become very clear, and we can make changes that last. We are already seeing how this helps us day by day.” Through its application, Bsure has helped Betonmast clarify things, so they can do things more efficiently and safely on their end. 

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